Module 7. Effective Instructional Strategies

The purpose of the classroom management module is to determine the learning objectives of the course and to gain skills to prepare the course components. For this purpose, it is aimed to bring pedagogical knowledge and skills to the classroom.

  • First lesson preparation and first day of class
  • Course introduction
  • Motivation and communication
  • Creating a positive learning environment, classroom organization and grouping techniques
  • Developing teaching rules and routines for classroom management
  • Effective time management
  • Methods of coping with problems


Module 1: HU Introduction

Module 2: Career Planning

Module 3: Teaching Ecosystem

Module 4. Research Ecosystem

Module 5. Internationalization

Instructional Improvement Trainings

Within the scope of these trainings, which are designed for research assistants and new faculty members, a total of 6 hours of training is provided, including the characteristics of adult learners, classroom management, effective teaching methods, communication with the learner, use of instructional technologies and assessment and evaluation. With these trainings, it is aimed that the instructors acquire the basic knowledge necessary to fulfill their teaching duties more effectively and efficiently, update their existing knowledge in line with new research results and approaches, and improve their educational skills.

Module 6. Program Literacy and Curriculum Preparation

Module 8. Designing an Educational Event

Module 9. Measurement and Evaluation

Module 10. Use of Technology in Education

Module 11. Effective Communication Skills