Psychological Counseling and Guidance Seminars

University life is undoubtedly an important part of an individual’s personal journey. In this journey, students are given not only an academic and professional identity, but also a psychological and social identity. For this reason, it is important to support students’ academic development as well as their psychological and social development in university life. Through Hacettepe University Sustainable Teaching and Learning Center, psychological counseling seminars will be held to support the psychological and social development of our students, such as supporting positive personality development, increasing their well-being, realizing and using their potential, enabling them to actively cope with problems, and increasing their psychological resilience.

2021/2022 Fall PCG Seminars:

  1. Risk Taking and Introducing Their Cats to Young People (Specialist. Psychiatry Nurgül Yılmaz)
  2. Negative Automatic Thoughts (Psk. Hande Gürel Yüceer)
  3. Psychological Resilience (Expert Psychologist Zeynep Biricik Özkan)
  4. Abuse in Close Relationships (Faculty Member Dr. Dilek Avcı)
  5. 21st Century Skills and Social Emotional Learning (Assoc. Prof. Nurten Karacan Özdemir)