Life Skills Seminars

It is among the teaching priorities of Hacettepe University that students acquire the skill sets required by the professions of the future throughout their academic lives. In this context, our Center focuses on students’ learning and innovative skills; aims to organize trainings for them to acquire a series of future skills grouped under the headings of life and career skills and information, media and technology skills. Our center aims to provide techniques that will help our students to understand the concepts of academic, professional and social life and to solve problems with skill.

In order to enable our students to gain life skills, face-to-face and synchronous/asynchronous seminars&trainings are held at regular intervals. In these seminars, it is aimed to improve the problem-solving skills of Hacettepe University students by increasing their awareness of global problems. In addition, seminars on leadership, personal development, self-control, communication and cooperation are organized by experts in their fields.

With the upcoming skill seminars, traditional approaches and newly learned outputs will be compared, the results will be transferred to the students and put into practice. The main purpose of a successful CTL application is to provide materials that can be beneficial to our students’ learning life, academic success and personal development.