Graduate Talks

Postgraduate education aims to develop student’s learning skills and gain academic research skills. It is considered extremely important to guide and support our students who continue their academic life to become productive and successful researchers. Hacettepe University, with its research university identity and deep-rooted history, plays a leading role in raising qualified academicians and researchers as well as raising qualified undergraduates.

STL aims to guide our students through seminars that will contribute to the development of their academic careers and research skills during their graduate education process. With these seminars, researchers from Hacettepe University and different research institutions aim to provide information and share information that will contribute to students’ education and academic studies.

2022 Spring Semester Talks

  1. Designing and Executing Multidisciplinary Academic Studies (Assoc. Prof. Memed Duman)
  2. The Importance of Protecting Industrial Property Rights for Entrepreneurs (Belgin Sağdıç-Trademark & Patent Attorney)
  3. Graduate Process from Registration to Graduation: Important Points and Problems (Prof.Dr. Salih Bülent Alten)
  4. Academic Ethics and Plagiarism (Prof.Dr. Harun Tepe)
  5. Academic Writing Principles (Umur Çelikyay)