Academic Peer Support

The main purpose of Academic Peer Support is to provide academic support to students through training and supervision from their peers. Academic peer support contributes to the academic success of the students receiving support as well as the social and psychological development of both the supporting and receiving students. Academic peers are supported by the university’s part-time work scholarship.

The fourth term implementation of the Academic Peer Support Programme, the first implementation of which was carried out in the 2021-2022 autumn semester, continues in the 2022-2023 spring semester with an increasing number of faculties and courses.



Peer Mentor

Nursing Faculty


Gülseren ÇİFTÇİ

Engineering Faculty - Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering


Muhammed Mustafa AYDEMİR

Engineering Faculty - Department of Physics Engineering



Faculty of Science - Department of Mathematics



Academic Peer Support consists of the following stages:

Identification of academic peer candidates,
Candidates receive academic peer support training,
Making course announcements in the registration system,
It is the realisation of the peer tutoring process.
Faculty supervisors and course supervisors also support the peer support processes carried out within Hacettepe University Sustainable Teaching and Learning Unit.

2022-2023 Spring Term Academic Peer Support is structured with nine faculties and 13 courses. The faculties and courses are listed below. Students can register for the courses they need with their student numbers through the “Register” system.

Faculty of Engineering

ELE110 - Introduction to Electrical Electronics

FİZ140 - Physics 2

Faculty of Nursing

HEM392 - Nursing and First Aid in Disasters

Faculty of Science

MAT124 - Calculus 2

Faculty of Engineering

ELE203-Circuit Theory

FİZ137-Physics 1

FİZ125 -ntroductory Physics

Faculty of Communication


Faculty of Science

AKT205-Financial Mathematics 1

KİM154-General Chemistry 1

MTK241-03 - Linear Algebra 1

Faculty of Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation

FTR267-Electrotherapy 1

Faculty of Fine Arts

İÇT123-Basic Design 1

Faculty of Health Sciences

ODP211-Introduction to Diagnosis in Audiology

Faculty of Law

HUK103-Constitutional Law 1

Faculty of Dentistry

DHF102-Materials Science

Faculty of Arts and Sciences

FMT213-Written Translation

Faculty of Engineering

FIZ138-General Physics 2

FIZ212-Mathematical Methods in Physics 2

MAT124-Calculus 2

Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences

MAN106-Business Statistics

Faculty of Science

MTK142-Abstract Mathematics 2

KİM216-Inorganic Chemistry 2

İST156-Introduction to Statistics 2

Faculty of Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation

FTR366-Neurological Rehabilitation

Faculty of Health Sciences

SBF103-Quality Assurance and Accreditation in Health Sciences

Faculty of Pharmacy

ECF340-Pharmaceutical Chemistry IV

Faculty of Nursing

HEM328-Nursing and First Aid in Disasters

Faculty of Dentistry

DHF202-Materials Science

Faculty of Engineering

FIZ137 - General Physics 1

Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences

ECO101 - Introduction to Economics I

MAN105-Business Statistics I

MAB103-Introduction to Financial Accounting

Faculty of Science

IST267-Introduction to Operations Research

MAT123-Calculus I

MTK111-Analysis I

Faculty of Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation

FTR267-Electrotherapy I

FTR251-Functional Neuroanatomy

FTR361-Neurophysiological Approaches I

FTR365-Pediatric Rehabilitation

Faculty of Dentistry

DHF101-Prosthetic Dental Treatment