Videos for Help

Webinar Records

How to design effective discussion online?
Using ZOOM, the synchronous conferencing tool integrated into the Moodle Learning Management System
Using interaction features on moodle – Open-ended, short answer/fill-in-the-blank activities
Using interaction features on moodle – true/false, multiple choice activities
Creating interactive content in moodle H5P app and experiences
Basic level operations in the use of Learning Management System (Moodle)
Audio lecture (podcast) and interaction
Exams in the distance education process
How can I stay in touch with my students in distance education?

Webinar Recordings for Using MS Teams

MS Teams download, installation or online access
Introduction of Ms Teams App interface and tools
Team Building, adding members to team, adding channels to team
Team settings, adding announcements, meeting (live lecture) scheduling and meeting settings
MS Teams meeting (live class) interface, screen sharing, presentation sharing
Access the meeting you recorded, share the recording

What are the main features I will use in moodle?

Introduction to Moodle and Access to the Course
Listing Registered Students and Student Registration Procedures
Course-Related General Settings
Course Home Page Introduction

Live Lesson: How Will I Meet With My Students in the Live Lesson Simultaneously (Synchronous)?

When I want to synchronize my lesson in Moodle, can I open the virtual class (live lesson) on the day and time I want? How do I create? How can I use the virtual classroom effectively (recording the lesson, setting the lesson, loading my presentation, etc.)?

Convert your PowerPoint presentation to video (mp4) and share it on youtube and Moodle
How Can I Use the Virtual Classroom Effectively? (Big Blue Button)
Creating a Virtual Classroom Connection with ZOOM

Material Sharing

How can I share my Powerpoint presentation/videos with my students?

Creating Virtual Classroom Connection with Big Blue Button
Sharing a link to your existing videos by adding a logo on youtube
Adding your existing powerpoint (ppt) files to Google Slide
Creating pdf files

Material Development

What would you recommend to better structure my course content?

Screen recording with PowerPoint
Creating a mind map with Popplet
Creating images with Piktochart
Designing animation with Powtoon 1
Designing animations with Powtoon 2

Material Development

H5P App Tutorial