Academic Peer Support Program

The main purpose of the Academic Peer Support Program is to provide academic support to students through the education and supervision they receive from their peers. The main goal of the program is to contribute to the academic success and development of students with the support of their peers. In this context, Hacettepe University Sustainable Teaching and Learning Center will pilot the Academic Peer Support Program in the 2021-2022 Fall semester. Lectures about the courses in the program will be given to students who want support within the scope of the Academic Peer Support Program.

The steps to be followed in this context are;

1. Preparation of the program and transition to the implementation process (need screening, determination of reasons and objectives, development of the training program and receiving support from the relevant faculties and departments for the program),

2. Implementation of the program (determination of the students who will receive the program training, realization of the program training, program implementation process, supervision),

3. Ensuring the continuity of the program (evaluation of the program, monitoring and structuring the next term study)

1. Preparation of the Academic Peer Support Program and Transition to the Implementation Process

(27 September – 4 October): In this context, the program specified in the tables below will be piloted in faculties.

1. Identification of faculty responsible for processes such as announcement of the program, follow-up of the program, determination of the students who will provide support, communication with STL,

2. Introducing the purpose, content and application process of the Academic Peer Support Program to the faculty program managers,

3. The program training will be given to the determined students.

2. Program implementation process:

In this context;

1. Announcement of the program announcement to the faculty students,

2. Starting the program implementation process,

3. Conducting evaluation meetings with students who provide STL, faculty supervisor and academic peer support at 15-day intervals,

3. Ensuring the continuity of the program (evaluation of the program, monitoring and structuring the next term study):

1. Program evaluation with faculty members at the end of the semester,

2. Collection of qualitative and quantitative data,

3. The next semester’s program plan will be prepared.

2021-2022 Fall Semester Academic Peer Support Program

In the fall semester of the 2021/2022 academic year, the academic peer support program will be implemented as a pilot application in the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences, Faculty of Engineering, Faculty of Science, FTR Faculty and Faculty of Dentistry.

Mühendislik Fakültesi


Fen Fakültesi

Fizik Tedavi ve Rehabilitasyon Fakültesi

Diş Hekimliği Fakültesi

FİZ137-Genel Fizik 1

ECO101-Introduction to Ecomomics I

İST267-Yöneylem Araştırmasına Giriş

FTR267-Elektroterapi I

DHF101-Protetik Diş Tedavisi

MAN105-Business Statistics I

MAT123-Matematik I

FTR251-Fonksiyonel Nöroanatomi

MAB103-Genel Muhasebe I

MTK111-Analiz I

FTR361-Nörofizyolojik Yaklaşımlar I

FTR365-Pediatrik Rehabilitasyon